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Survey - Using Internet Cafes

    SURVEY RESULTS (The survey is now closed)

    1. Sex:
     Male (51.7%)
     Female (44.8%)
     No response (3.4%)

    2. Age band (years):
     0-14 (3.4%)
     15-18 (10.3%)
     19-25 (31%)
     26-39 (31%)
     40-54 (20.6%)
     65+ (3.4%)

    3. Your internet access from home:
     No access (24.1%)
     Dial-up account only (24.1%)
     Broadband up to 512kbs (34.4%)
     Broadband over 512kbs (17.2%)

    4. Your internet access from your place of employment:
     I am not employed (34.4%)
     I am currently travelling (13.7%)
     only for work purposes (27.5%)
     can be used for personal stuff (17.2%)
     No internet access is available at work at all (3.4%)
     No response (3.4%)

    5. How often you use internet cafes:
     very little (24.1%)
     once or twice a month (10.3%)
     once or twice a week (6.8%)
     every other day (27.5%)
     almost every day (27.5%)
     Only when travelling (3.4%)

    6. What do you use to access email at internet cafes:
     I don't use internet cafes to access my email (13.7%)
     My own POP account via a web interface (3.4%)
     Hotmail (27.5%)
     Yahoo (31%)
     Gmail (10.3%)
     Another web-only based mail like Hotmail (10.3%)
     No response (3.4%)

    7. As far as networked games are concerned:
     I don't play them (44.8%)
     I love them and seek out new venues all the time (20.6%)
     I will play if friends invite me (10.3%)
     I play them occassionally (24.1%)

    8. I use internet cafes to look and apply for jobs online:
     yes (55.1%)
     no (44.8%)

    9. I like to visit internet cafes to socialise:
     no (48.2%)
     yes, with people in the cafe (17.2%)
     yes, with people online around the world (24.1%)
     yes, with the cafe crowd AND the online community. (6.8%)
     No response (3.4%)

    10. Printing stuff at an internet cafe:
     I don't need it (34.4%)
     I occasionally need it (44.8%)
     Is something I want more often than not (20.6%)

    11. Internet cafes should have a fax service:
     I don't need it (31%)
     It is something that I could use on occasion (37.9%)
     Most definitely. (24.1%)
     No response (6.8%)

    12. I am willing to pay a small, separate fee for the non-internet-access services, like printing, connecting USB storage or sending faxes:
     No way man! (20.6%)
     depends on how much the internet access costs (51.7%)
     Sure, that makes sense (27.5%)

    13. An internet cafe should play music:
     yes (62%)
     no (31%)
     No response (6.8%)

    14. The staff at the cafe should know about the internet:
     yes (96.5%)
     no (3.4%)

    15. I tend to visit internet cafes:
     in the morning (3.4%)
     during the day (20.6%)
     in the afternoon (17.2%)
     of an evening (10.3%)
     late night (6.8%)
     anytime (41.3%)

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